Summer Tips

Drink Drink Drink If you have any doubts or questions go through this blog or this!   More tips Here 🙂 or get creative here are few ways I really found interesting   Wake up Early  Eat Summer Fruits creatively Watermelon, berries, kiwi, Mangoes   Find all about summer fruits Here! Fancy a Smoothie? Go to the … Continue reading Summer Tips

To Do List

There is always room for improvement and there are things we need to tell us everyday even if you felt weak you have to act strong. Few years back I had a list of things I wanted to do or make a habit of doing certain things. I might not have been able to achieve … Continue reading To Do List

Rain Tree

    Like the rain I felt, falling down hitting the earth and becoming part of the mud. I curled along the leaves as if it were a blanket that would save me from the cold. But what I didn’t realize was that there was an endless winter in my heart. I was frozen. Shivering … Continue reading Rain Tree

Monday Morning Blues

Monday has always had a bad reputation, it won’t be wrong that it’s the most hated day of the week (poor Monday!). And it gets worse when you have are stuck in traffic and reach late to your job to find out all the work you forgot to do or the pile up work you ignored all weekend. Errr can I get that coffee already!!! Continue reading Monday Morning Blues