Holding On…

Life moves on while we wait for things to work out. We might want to stay right there and listen but we move on with life and get busy as life changes. Leaf turn yellow. Bud blossom. Sorrow turned into smiles. Hate into love. Lose becoming bearable. But it doesn’t mean we stop expecting or … Continue reading Holding On…

Over Burdened

I have always believed that stress and tension is just a state of mind and I have most of the time trumped over it. But lately I have been feeling this over hampered feeling which isn’t exactly stress but my every growing to do list that seems un-ending. There are so many things I have … Continue reading Over Burdened


The night before Eid is called Chandraat and in Pakistan we celebrate it by buying fancy bangles and decorating our hands with beautiful henna/mehndi designs. Well this time I thought I would try some of my skills on mehndi and so I end up experimenting on almost everyone. Not everyone my little sister is her … Continue reading Henna/Mehndi

Story Time

Once in a green field there was a big strong tree. This tree was always proud of being strong and thought no wind could ever harm it. When the wind used to blow against its leaves the strong tree knew that it branches will take the wind without even bending. He usually made fun of … Continue reading Story Time