Over Burdened

2 thoughts on “Over Burdened”

  1. You have to start somewhere and putting it onto paper really is the first step. If you don’t, your mind will constantly wonder about “all the things you need to do”, while as you write them down and make a plan, you can tell yourself you’re “working on it.” It should give some relief (it works for me).

    And when listing things down (I still think this is the best way, sorry), try to schedule them in, but say, no more than 3 tasks a day. Or something. Don’t forget you can’t be working non-stop and your mind needs to relax in order to stay focussed. Alternate big tasks with smaller tasks so you work on important projects while finishing off simpler ones as well (this gives a feeling of achievement and will boost your motivation).

    I know this is not what you want to hear, but it’s the best way to get things in perspective, sorry 😦

    Also, not sure if this is possible in your case, maybe you could ask for help on dealing with some of the items on your to-do list? Or can you cut “smaller tasks” off from it?

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    1. Thank you Samantha for this really nice advice. Strangely someone else gave me same suggestion. So I will take this and do exactly the same. 🙂 I can’t cut any task as yet but I can delay few less time constrained work. Which I think will keep my focus and I won’t feel drowning in work.

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